Client: Social Insurance Board

Period: 2023

In the study, we evaluated the impact of implementing the MARAC network model for the protection of intimate partner violence victims on the victims themselves, professionals, and members of victim support networks. MARAC is a multi-agency case management model for identifying adult high-risk victims of intimate partner violence and for preventing and reducing intimate partner violence and its severe consequences. The MARAC network includes various agencies and professionals who collaborate to protect and assist victims.

The study concluded that MARAC is a relevant and necessary collaborative framework for bringing together professionals dealing with high-risk cases of intimate partner violence. However, the following aspects of the model require further development:

▪ Composition of MARAC core groups, involvement and roles of professionals, workload, and administrative aspects, support in handling complex cases.
▪ Risk assessment procedures and assessment tools.
▪ Communication with victims and their involvement in MARAC processes.
▪ Involvement of volunteers and their tools.