Education is probably one of the most important determinants of person’s performance in almost all aspects of life. We are mostly interested in the effects of education on various labour market related indicators such as wage levels, employment opportunities, and sectoral and occupational preferences. We have also carried out studies on the relationships between education and health behaviour, use of social benefits , criminal behaviour and civic participation.

In addition to the above, we are also interested in the net impact evaluation of educational measures and programmes. This includes both consulting and ex ante impact evaluation before launch as well as ex post analyses after the implementation of the programmes.

Labour market

Labour market research was the first area Centar started working in. Our employees have long experience in carrying out research supporting the development of labour market policies, and implementing them in the government sector. More specifically, analyses on active labour market policies, individual and collective labour relations, as well as occupational health and safety regulations could serve as examples of our portfolio. Our studies have concerned impact evaluation, mapping the positions and attitudes of social partners, and the compatibility of Estonian regulations with international labour law and best practices. Lately visualization of wage data is taking an important place in our work.

Our forte is quantitative impact evaluation, where we are able to combine our evaluation-related technical skills and thorough subject knowledge. However, we have also carried out large scale qualitative studies, so our arsenal of research methods is quite broad.

Financial analysis

CENTAR’s competences in financial analysis have developed from financial and socio-economic analyses of major investment projects. By now, the various projects for which we have carried out analyses have received European Union funding in the total amount of more than €180 million. The financial analyses carried out in these project evaluations form part of wider socio-economic analyses, which also consider costs and benefits for the society at large.

In addition to cost-benefit analyses of investment projects, we have also carry out company and security valuations, and provided assistance in competition related cases.