Client: Ministry of Social Affairs

Period: 2013

The new Employment Contract Act was adopted on 17. December 2008 and came into force six months later, on 1 July 2009. The Act aims at increasing flexicurity in employment relations, which would allow both employers and employees to agree on terms that would best fit the needs of both parties, while ensuring the protection of interests of the parties. Good legislative practices necessitate that follow-up policy analysis must be carried out to assess the implementation and impact of the act. The current analysis focuses on employees and employers awareness of employment rights, legal certainty, and also conclusion of contract, working conditions and termination of contract. Our tasks in this project were mostly related to topics covering financial support during forced unemployment and termination on labour contract.

The analysis was commissioned by Ministry of Social Affairs and conducted in co-operations with Centre for Policy Studies Praxis and Turu-uuringute AS.