TRADE UNIONS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION. Picking up the pieces of the neoliberal challenge

Client: European Trade Union Institute

Period: 2000-2020

European Trade Union Institute has published a book on European Trade Unions. ETUI introduces the book as follows: Trade unions have repeatedly been challenged by neoliberal programmes implemented within Member States of the European Union (EU) and at the European level. The twenty-seven country chapters at the core of this book chart the features of the neoliberal challenge in the EU Member States and the measures implemented by unions in their attempts to adapt to changed circumstances since 2000.

This book offers a comprehensive comparative overview of the development, structure, and policies of trade unions in all the 27 Member States of the EU from 2000 to 2020. It presents an in-depth analysis of the neoliberal challenges facing these organizations and their strategic and policy responses.


The author of the 9th chapter on Estonian trade unions is Epp Kallaste.